Health Personalized

It seems that nearly everything is being customized today. When we choose a product, we can order just the right size or color or set of options.

Medicine is just now catching up. The "one-size-fits-all" approach to prescribing medications is giving way to an advanced, modern method of drug selection based on the capacity of the individual to process (metabolize) the prescription.

For about 50 percent of the population, the suggested drug dose is appropriate. However, about 25 percent of us are below average metabolizers and may face risks when a drug builds up and causes potentially serious or even life threatening complications.

And about 25 percent of people have an above-average ability to metabolize drugs. This capacity could lead to lack of efficacy, as the medication is broken down before it has its effect.

You may have tried different dosages of medications or some of your prescriptions may have been switched in an effort to find the best result. The HILOmet PhyzioType System tests identify whether you are a high, average, or low metabolic function individual for medicines. Informed with your fundamental metabolic benchmark, your clinician can personalize medication prescription, and render the trial-and-error approach to drug treatment truly a thing of the past.