Metabolic Highways and GPS: Genetic Prescription System

Any medication that you take is broken down or modified by your body's metabolic machinery. This is important because, in many cases, the drug does not become active until your metabolic enzymes have a chance to act.

There are a number of enzymes called "cytochromes" (abbreviated as CYP) involved in these processes, but three metabolic routes take up the majority of the work. Each of these routes, however, may have significant variations depending on your genetic make up. These genetic variations are part of the reason why people react differently to their medications. This variability includes the effectiveness of the drug, and the possibility of drug interactions and side effects.

Similar to Global Positioning Systems (GPS) used in vehicles today to help us reach our intended destinations, the HILOmet tests enable a Genetic Prescription System to be implemented from correlations of gene variation and drug response outcomes. This drug GPS leads clinicians and patients to their desired treatment goal, resulting in effective and individualized healthcare.

With just a swab of your cheek (or a blood sample), the HILOmet tests examine 37 key variations of these three metabolic highway systems. Your clinician will then receive a report from our secure and certified testing center that will help guide your treatment based on your individual genetic make up. You are no longer assumed to be "average" for your innate capacity to metabolize and process medications. For more on the features and benefits of the HILOmet tests, click here.